Answers to frequently asked questions

How can I book?

The booking is possible directly online, but also by phone at 03841 / 4728607.

Are there coupons?

Yes, we also offer coupons as a gift on our homepage and in our office.

Which payment methods are possible?

We offer the payment methods Paypal, EC, Sofortüberweisung, Visa, Mastercard and giropay.

Can I reduce the number of persons later?

Yes, this is possible for free three days before your appointment.

Can I book aditional persons later?

Yes, this is possible also right until the appointment.

What if I have to cancel?

The cancellation is possible up to 3 days before free. Otherwise the full price has to be paid.

Fragen zu Escape Games

How many players can play together?

Our single rooms can be played with a group size of 2 – 6 players. Rooms in Battle Mode are playable with 6 – 12 persons. In total 18-20 guests can play at the same time. 

Can I play alone?

Escape games are team games. That’s why you can not play it alone. If you do not find anyone, we are happy to assist you in arranging game partners.

At what age can I visit the Escape Room?

Our escape rooms can be played from the age of 12 accompanied by at least one adult.

What requirements do I need?

You need a normal physical fitness, comfortable clothes and lots of fun thinking, tinkering and combining.

Is it possible to play in a different language?

Yes, we also offer the escape room in English. Please let us know in time when booking, so that we can adapt to your needs.

How long does the game take?

The game itself lasts 60 minutes plus 15 minutes preparation time. So be there at least 15 minutes before the booked appointment so you can start on time.

Are we really locked in?

No, the room isn`t locked. You can leave the room at all time.

What if I get stuck?

If you do not get further in the solution, you can get notes from your GM.

Fragen zu Virtual Reality

Are there restrictions regarding age and height?

For visual reasons VR is recommended for children under 14 only for short periods. We only allow children under 14 to enter the rooms when accompanied by adults. Regarding body size, there are no restrictions.

Can I leave my glasses on?

Basically yes. Experience has shown that most glasses fit easily under the VR glasses. However, Varifocal glasses can be problematic under certain circumstances. Alternatively, contact lenses are recommended. For mild eyesight you usually do not need your own glasses.

What about hygiene?

Each player receives his personal disposable headset mask before the game. In addition, the controllers and VR glasses are regularly disinfected.

Are there any health restrictions? I've heard that VR can cause sickness, right?

Although we use only the most up-to-date technology, it cannot be ruled out that dizziness, cramps, blackouts, sickness, blurred vision, eye pain, lack of orientation and consciousness, headache, even the use of VR technology (as with other screen applications) epileptic seizures can occur. These symptoms are called “motion sickness”. This usually arises because the eyes see something that is not perceived by the other senses of the body (similar to travel sicknesses).

However, in the presence of certain health restrictions, we strongly advise against using VR technology, as do all Virtual Reality Locations. These include:

  • People with heart failure
  • People with serious illnesses
  • People with severe mental illness
  • Heavily pregnant
  • Spasms and epilepsy vulnerable
  • Persons who are physically and / or psychologically sensitive to fast image sequences, fast movements or electric fields of tension
  • If one or more of the above restrictions exist, the customer must notify the Virtual Area staff prior to the start of the game or at the time of booking. The same applies to known phobias or other problems for example “to be afraid of heights”.

We recommend taking a break after 1 hour of play.

What do I book? Do I pay per person?

You pay 45 EUR per hour and hire a playing field, which is then exclusively available to you. It is also possible to book the pitch for 2 hours.

You do not pay for the number of players, but for the playing surface including glasses. That means you are welcome to take turns. That makes the whole cheaper and usually funnier.

Some games are also intended as group events where only one seat is needed. These include e.g. virtual escape rooms, from which you can find a way together. One player has his glasses on and acts while the others in a cozy atmosphere diligently advise and give instructions.