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Real Life Escape Rooms Schwerin

The Gamemaster – Game of life

In Schwerin’s streets, fear is over. Three murders in the same pattern over the past three hours suggest that a serial killer is active in the state capital. Intelligence and a penchant for play characterize the deeds. Will you, as part of the special unit, prevent further bloodshed or take the investigation an unexpected turn? You have 60 minutes to find out!

The Serenity Coup

From childhood on you have learned to pick locks and are now Germany’s most successful safe-cracker gang, specialized on jewelry. But today you face one of your biggest challenges: The Serenity Coup.

You have exactly 60 minutes to crack the vault and flee before the police arrives and arrests you.

Attention: You want even more action and adventure, then play the “Serenity Coup” in battle mode, that means against the time and against a second team.

VR Gaming

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VR Escape Rooms

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Escape The Lost Pyramid

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Beyond Medusa’s Gate

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